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Love's Lies

Magnolia Sisters

From deserters to creole women who know how too cook, the Magnolia Sisters latest Grammy nominated CD is full of toe tapping tunes and beautiful stories of love, tragedy,! There are string band tunes from the 1930's as well, and a blues song written by Ann.

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...The quartet tend to search out vintage songs and then gently reinvent them so they become Magnolia Sisters its gentle, unhurried manner it makes for an album of quiet delights.”

— Songlines Magazine

1 La Bonne Vie (The Good Life) 
2 Est-ce que tu penses jamais à moi? (Do You Ever Think Of Me?) 
3 Le deserteur (The Deserter) 
4 Je Vas Jmais Oublier (I'll Never Forget) 
5 Malinda 
6 Les Clos de Coton (The Cotton Fields) 
7 En Route Chez Moi (Going Home) 
8 Arrêtes-pas la musique (Don't Stop The Music) 
9 Oublies-moi jamais (Never Forget Me) 
10 Par derrière chez mon père (Behind My Father's House) 
11 La Valse de Grand Bois (Waltz of the Longwoods) 
12 Hot Stuff